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chlorine dioxide (ClO2) card removing virus and bacteria in the air made in China


How to Use:

Tear off the outer package, take out the aluminum plastic bag, pay attention to the rope accessories, tear off the aluminum plastic bag, take out the sterilization card and install the rope or (chest clamp) in place, then use it.

Sterilization principle:

Clo2 has strong adsorption and penetration ability to microbial cell wall, strong acidification, decomposition, and effective oxidation of thiol containing enzymes in cells, which can quickly inhibit the synthesis of microbial proteins to destroy bacterial colonies and kill them.

Executive standard: Q/HY 007-2019


This product is not a therapeutic drug and cannot replace the drug effect.

Please keep the particles in the inner core of the product out of the reach of children, so as to avoid risks such as accidental ingestion.

In case of eye contact, please wash with clear water immediately; in case of serious contact, please see a doctor.

This product need avoid water, sun exposure or humidity to accelerate the release of clo2 gas, there will be a smell of chlorine dioxide, harmless to human body, please feel free to use.

Applicable objects: children, adults, the elderly

Use time: about 60 days after unpacking

Expiry date: unsealed for 24 moths.

Chlorine dioxide is the latest generation of disinfectant, and can strongly decompose and acidify germ protein, not only eliminating germ efficacy, but also killing their propagules. It acidifies and decomposes the source of bad smell, thus controlling its production and totally eliminating odor. Aside from these, no harmful compounds such as trihalomethane are produced in the process of germ killing or odor elimination. The solid chlorine dioxide in this product has overcome the traditional method of spraying at a single target, which has been in use for over hundreds of years; It uses the thorough penetration of released chlorine dioxide gas to kill the germs and viruses floating in the air or attached to objects, thus eliminating odor and purifying the whole atmosphere.

Scope of application: schools, offices, hospitals, public transportation, indoors, in cars, etc.


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