The US aviation industry spent 96.9 billion in a month! Blizzard broke records in the northeast, and nearly 300 flights were cancelled!

U.S. aviation industry suffered heavy losses

On December 27, the United States formally signed a 900 billion US dollars economic stimulus plan, including 15 billion US dollars (about 96.9 billion yuan) airline salary assistance. However, in just a month or so, the U.S. aviation industry has spent 96.9 billion yuan in aid, and a new wave of layoffs may come.


According to the latest report from the World Wide Web on February 4, American Airlines said on February 2 that due to the imminent expiration of assistance and the bleak business in the aviation industry, the airline will issue notice of unpaid leave to 13,000 employees this week. Coincidentally, on January 29, the United Airlines issued a similar notice of suspension to 14,000 employees.

Guangdong’s foreign trade ranks first in the country

According to data from the Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs, in 2020, Guangdong’s foreign trade imports and exports were 7.08 trillion yuan, a decrease of 0.9% from the previous year (the same below), accounting for 22% of the country’s scale and continuing to rank first in the country.

Among them, exports were 4.35 trillion yuan, an increase of 0.2%, which had maintained growth for four consecutive years, and the scale reached a record high; imports were 2.73 trillion yuan, a decline of 2.6%.

Blizzard breaks 100-year record

The blizzard weather that has lasted for several days has brought severe snowfall once in a century to the northeastern United States.

The National Weather Service reported that as of 7 p.m. local time on February 2, Mount Ellington in Morris County, New Jersey reached 89 centimeters of snow within 24 hours, breaking the record set by Bergen County in April 1915. The highest record of daily snowfall is 81 cm.


In addition, the snowfall in Pennsylvania reached 90 cm, and the snowfall in Central Park in New York City reached 43 cm.

The heavy snow weather has brought great pressure on local traffic conditions and epidemic prevention and control. A total of 293 flights at three airports in New York City were cancelled. At the same time, a large number of local schools, government departments, and new crown virus testing centers were forced to close, and vaccination appointments for the day were also cancelled.

Los Angeles port lack of containers

In the 37th to 45th weeks of last year, the West Coast of the United States was full of empty containers, and this surplus was particularly serious. In the 42nd week, the index reached 0.86 points for 20-foot dry containers (a value over 0.5 indicates a surplus of empty containers) and 0.91 points for 40-foot containers.


However, as the route actively moved equipment to Asia, including additional container ships dedicated to empty containers, by week 49, the availability of 20-foot containers in the Port of Los Angeles dropped to 0.27 and 40-foot containers to 0.29.

CMA CGM reported that the company has taken a number of measures to speed up the return of empty containers to Asia and reduce delays in serving ports in the United States, Asia and Europe.

In the United States, they doubled the number of special chassis vehicles in Southern California, expanded the base of truck suppliers to move containers in and out of the terminal faster, and cooperated with rail operators to allow more rail vehicles to pass through the South. California, and diversion between ports to increase the speed of berths.

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