The Suez Canal resumes traffic, and the greater impact of the stranding has just begun!

It is understood that it has been almost 6 days since the ship “Longci” ran aground on the Suez Canal. At about 4:30 am local time on March 29, this huge ship had successfully floated, and the staff passed the opportunity of the high tide. , And then carried out rescue operations again, and straightened the hull.

Despite this, the Suez Canal Authority issued an announcement on the same day that the “Long Grant” vessel was fully able to return to its normal track.

At present, navigation on the Suez Canal has returned to normal, and the stranded ship will be further investigated. The inspection time is estimated to be 3 days. This time, what caused the ship to stranded will be announced after the inspection.

And, at 17:00 local time on March 29th arrived at the Great Bitter Lake.

“Long Gift” round smoothly returned to normal track

The stranded ship will be transferred to an anchorage in the waters of the Great Bitter Lake, and at the same time some seaworthiness inspections of the ship will be carried out. The subsequent voyage of the ship and the transportation of cargo on board will be carried out according to the inspection results of the ship agency. The next route adjustment and arrangement of the ship.

Evergreen Marine said that after the owner of the ship and other related agencies complete the investigation of the accident, they will also assist the owner to deal with follow-up matters.

What is the current situation of the Suez Canal?

According to the latest news, the number of ships waiting to pass through the Suez Canal has increased from 392 to about 500 ships. Among these waiting ships, there are 10 ships that transport livestock.

In the past, the general rule of the Suez Canal was that once a ship enters the canal, it should pass through the entire canal 23 hours before the day. However, due to the particularity of this stranded ship incident, this time the canal will be restored. Work around the clock to facilitate the transit of some ships that have been stranded on the canal for too long. According to this stranding incident, some experts have analyzed that it will take about a week for all the backlogged ships to transit.

And because of the blockage of the canal caused by the grounding this time, the canal is also considering whether to provide discounts for the ships affected this time.

And in this incident, there is something worthy of attention. Since March 26, some ships have diverted to the Cape of Good Hope. Will those ships return to the Suez Canal?

If those ships that have already reached the Cape of Good Hope continue to drive towards the Cape of Good Hope, this can reduce the pressure on the Suez Canal to a certain extent, but if they return, it will also increase the pressure on the Suez Canal.

Problems faced after navigation

In fact, even if the Suez Canal has returned to normal, there is still a fact that cannot be ignored, that is, due to the congestion and backlog of ships, it will trigger the scarcity of goods in the supply chain, which may further affect the market. Prices.

And it will take several months before such a situation can really be resolved.

In the coming time, it may also lead to super congestion in the port. At the current point of view, some cargo to Europe has been increasing, especially for some major container ports in Northwestern Europe.

It is predicted that in the next two to three months, the shipping market will be severely impacted. It has been waiting for several days in the Suez Canal. Many ships have gathered together and failed to pass through the Suez Canal. Nowadays, many ships begin to pass at the same time.

These situations are all issues that some ports need to consider in the future. It is hoped that the relevant ports can take certain measures to prevent the recurrence of port congestion and ships stranded at sea.

This article is reproduced from State Reading Network.

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