Shoptago, the new boss of the cross-border independent website building SaaS platform, announces permanent closure

1. Shoptago, the new boss of the cross-border independent website building SaaS platform, announced the permanent closure

According to news on April 7, yesterday, Shoptago, the new boss of the cross-border independent website building SaaS platform, issued a permanent closure announcement.

With immediate effect, stop the business operation of the new boss, Shoptago’s independent website construction platform. As for the main reason for the shutdown, the new boss Shoptago said it was due to the continuous increase in the proportion of non-compliant users on the platform and the serious conflict with the team’s values.

2. Aurora has reached a cooperation with iHerb, a local e-commerce platform in the United States

According to news on April 7th, China Mobile Developer Service Provider Jiguang announced that it has reached a cooperation with iHerb, a local e-commerce platform in the United States. The two parties will complement each other’s advantages in digital new retail and intelligent operations, and jointly lead cross-border e-commerce into new development.

According to data, iHerb was established in 1996 and currently has a number of GMP-certified modern green storage centers in California, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Incheon, South Korea. It has more than 1,200 carefully selected brands and more than 30,000 types on sale. Commodities provide warehousing and packaging services.

3. In 2021, cross-border e-commerce parcels exported at Alashankou Port exceeded 50 million

According to news on April 7, recently, a batch of 743,300 cross-border e-commerce parcels from Jiangsu and Guangdong exited the Alashankou port and is expected to arrive in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, 15 days later. The smooth exit of this batch of cross-border e-commerce parcels indicates that Alashankou Customs has supervised and exported more than 50 million cross-border e-commerce parcels, reaching 50,430,900 pieces, with a value of 140 million U.S. dollars.

It is understood that at present, the cross-border e-commerce packages exported by Alashankou Port are mainly toys, furniture, clothing, daily-use sundries and other commodities. The goods are sent to Belgium and Germany by rail, and then they are declared to the EU customs to be transferred to the local post or Dun. Hao Express, UPS Express, etc. for delivery.

4. Lazada Bday’s big promotion record: 20 brand merchants have a single day sales exceeding one million US dollars

On April 7th, Lazada recently announced the data of this year’s Bday promotion. Compared with the 2020 Bday, Lazada has increased the number of buyers by more than 100% this year, and the single-day sales of 20 brand merchants exceeded one million US dollars.

Data shows that on March 27, the number of online live broadcasts of LazLive merchants increased by 180% year-on-year, and the sales through LazLive increased by 670% year-on-year. In addition, the number of parcels in the warehouse on the first day of the event doubled the Bday last year. In terms of logistics performance, data shows that Bday promotes its first order in only 8 hours from order generation to receipt.

5. Amazon continues to intensify its crackdown, and sellers’ evaluations are dangerous!

According to news on April 7th, Amazon’s policies have continued to be tightened recently, and the platform’s management and control efforts have reached a new level. In this environment, sellers’ cross-border journeys have also become like walking on thin ice, and a slight omission can easily trigger violations. Risk, the sales authority is forcibly confiscated by Amazon. This is not true. Recently, many sellers have received Amazon’s ban on sales warnings because of the evaluation.

The reason Amazon gave in the email is that the seller is suspected of abusing ratings, sales rankings, and search functions. If the above conditions continue to occur, Amazon will withdraw the sales authorization.

It is not difficult to see that Amazon sent this email, apparently it has collected evidence of violations of the seller. However, it is only in the warning stage, and it is not serious enough to be banned. But what is certain is that the seller must be wary of touching the Amazon red line in the future to prevent similar reviews.

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