Saudi Customs launches smart system to track e-commerce cargo volume

It is reported that Saudi Customs has launched the “Masar Express” service, allowing e-commerce customers to transport express and express mail from companies/persons to understand the customs status of the goods and check tariffs. No matter who the carrier is, as long as they pass through the Saudi Customs, they will Record in the system. Saudi Customs spokesperson Badr Rubadi explained in a statement quoted by the Saudi News Agency that the customs aims to provide convenient e-commerce services and transparent management so that customers can verify the condition of the goods and check the transportation of the goods within the customs port. State, and pointed out that this service is provided through the application platform and website.
This service allows customs to keep up with the growth of domestic e-commerce in Saudi Arabia through a convenient application, understand the diversification of cross-border channels and sources, and adopt different methods to communicate with customers around the world.

He pointed out that one of the most prominent constructions in this regard is the establishment of an independent e-commerce department, through strengthening communication and cooperation with all e-commerce stakeholders of express companies licensed by the Telecommunications and Information Technology Administration, according to the postal package transportation The order rules to deal with special challenges and obstacles.
Saudi Customs seeks to use this service to cooperate with some e-commerce websites through express delivery companies to realize the control of the import and classification of goods, and control the proportion of tariffs, which will help the smoothness, speed and flexibility of the opening of e-commerce imports. In addition, it also helps to complete the electronic interconnection process between express transportation operators and the broad platform, thereby accelerating the speed of opening up and addressing illegal materials, and improving the efficiency of collection of fees and taxes. Rubadi said that with the diversification of operators and the rapid growth of e-commerce customers, the customs will continue to seek to develop services for this important sector.

This article is reproduced from State Reading Network.

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