High demand and ship delays force THE Alliance to postpone service changes

Shipping industry analyst Alphaliner said that high demand and ship delays are forcing THE Alliance’s shipping companies to postpone service changes, and these changes will increase the capacity between Asia and US and European ports.

In April of this year, THE Alliance planned to introduce a new ship service in the Gulf of Mexico, increase the scale of ships served on the east coast of the United States, and resume the previously temporarily operating Nordic service.

However, shipping industry analyst Alphaliner said that service changes were postponed to May due to port congestion and ship shortages that limit the carrier’s ability to move ships within its network.

The company pointed out these delays in its weekly report. On Wednesday, Hapagelloyd confirmed to JOC.com the upcoming network adjustment.

Alphaliner said: “Traditionally, April is the month when the three major alliances change their east-west networks.” Hapag-Lloyd and Yangming are the only two large shipping companies that are planning major network changes that require large-scale tonnage adjustments. . ”

Alphaliner said that THE Alliance will postpone the EC6 service between Asia and the U.S. Gulf for one month to May.

The company said that the service will start with 6,700 TEUs, but will eventually reach 8,500, as well as larger vessels currently performing alliance EC1 services between Asia and the East Coast of the United States.

Hapag-Lloyd spokesperson Nils Haupt told JOC.com that the shipping company will give priority to launching EC6 services under existing capacity.

Haupt said: “This service is likely to be upgraded later.”

Alphaliner said that with the launch of Hyundai Hope in April, the capacity of the EC1 service will also increase to 13,000 TEU. But Alphaliner said that the higher capacity of EC1 services will be fully in place in early May, which will save calls in Japan, Xiamen and Jacksonville.

The iron 4 ring from Asia to Europe that was suspended last year will also resume normal navigation in early May. Alphaliner said the service has been changed to a temporary “FE4 additional loader service.”

The restarted service will include 23,000 TEUs, currently deployed in another Asia-Europe service, FE3. Correspondingly, FE3 will start using six 16,000 TEU ships and will deliver HMM in the second quarter of 2021.

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