Centaline Longhao Airlines orders 5 767-300F; DHL’s new rail transport service arrives in the UK in 18 days from China

1. DHL’s new rail transport service arrived in the UK in 18 days from China

According to news on April 14th, DHL Global Freight has successfully completed its first shipment recently, and the whole journey from port to port lasted 17.7 days. Compared with the 40 days of sea transportation, the transportation time has been shortened by more than half. And considering the current unstable international shipping market, this new railway service will undoubtedly become one of the important options for Sino-British trade and transportation.

In addition to avoiding the new tax costs caused by Brexit, this route also avoids the seasonal congestion on the EU border, and the transportation time is more controllable. In addition, DHL Global Cargo also provides door-to-door service, which can deliver the goods to any receiving location in the UK.


2. Zhongyuan Longhao Airlines orders 5 767-300F

On April 14th, according to CargoFacts, Zhongyuan Longhao Airlines mysteriously ordered 5 767-300F freighters. The airline plans to add narrow-body and wide-body freighters.

Since the establishment of the reorganization of Zhongyuan Longhao Airlines in May 2019, it has strived to grasp the general trend of air cargo development, actively seized development opportunities, and accelerated the construction of its fleet. It also introduced 737-800BCF aircraft.

3. Jungle Scout survey: 39% of Amazon sellers consider entering Walmart this year

On April 14th, a survey of Amazon seller tool Jungle Scout showed that 39% of Amazon sellers are considering entering Walmart this year. It is worth noting that sellers seeking market expansion are often mature FBA merchants, and 54% of sellers have more than 10 active product listings on Amazon.

At the same time, most of the products of Amazon sellers who are interested in Wal-Mart belong to Amazon’s best-selling categories, such as household and kitchen products, toys and games, sports and outdoor products. Therefore, Wal-Mart and Amazon have the same customer base.

4. International Air Transport Association: Global air cargo demand increased by 1.5% month-on-month in February


According to news on April 14th, the International Air Transport Association (IATA, hereinafter referred to as “International Air Transport Association”) global air cargo regular data for February 2021 shows that air cargo demand continues to exceed the level before the new crown pneumonia epidemic, which is higher than in February 2019 9%. The month-on-month growth was strong compared to January 2021. At present, the freight volume has returned to the level before the Sino-US trade dispute in 2018.

Global air cargo demand (calculated in terms of freight ton-kilometers or “CTKs”) increased by 9% from February 2019 and 1.5% from January 2021. Except for Latin America, airline cargo demand in other regions has improved compared with before the new crown pneumonia epidemic, with North America and Africa performing the strongest.

5. Lazada: The total GMV of overseas warehouses in the Philippines during the Bday increased by 11 times compared with the daily


According to news on April 14th, according to Lazada’s latest disclosure, during this year’s Bday event, the total GMV of its overseas warehouses in the Philippines increased by 11 times compared with daily, and the penetration rate reached 1.8 times last year’s 12.12. At the same time, the GMV of over 50% of merchants increased by more than 10 times, and the GMV of some merchants increased by more than 50 times.

Based on sales data, the recommended selections of Lazada Philippines overseas warehouses are: mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, headphones, accessories, cookware, kitchen storage and accessories, home decoration, lamps, small appliances, small cooling and air purifiers, Personal care appliances, ladies’ clothing, men’s clothing, men’s bags, ladies’ bags.

6. DHL awarded Berman Group a new sorting technology contract for small parcels with an investment of 250 million euros

According to news on April 14th, Deutsche Post DHL recently awarded Beumer Group, a provider of internal logistics solutions, a new small parcel sorting technology contract. Deutsche Post DHL plans to invest 250 million euros in the technology. , Berman’s new sorting technology will be applied to 9 parcel processing centers in Germany. By 2023, the German parcel processing center network will be able to process 126,000 more shipments per hour.

新闻图 (15)

It is reported that the newly-developed medium-sized sorter of Berman Group is specially designed to handle small and medium-sized goods of the size of a shoe box (45x35x25 cm) and within 4 kg. It will first be packaged in DHL in Greven, North Rhine-Westphalia. The center is put into use. The processing center will be expanded with a width of 35 meters, a length of 126 meters, and approximately 4,400 square meters. The two wings of the existing U-shaped building will be connected.

7. Holland Post uses international tag readers to solve problems such as missing address data

According to news on April 14th, in order to cope with the challenges brought about by the changes in the import process, the Dutch Post cross-border business department began to adopt Prime Vision’s international tag reader, which provides semi-automated customs data for mails that have not registered in advance Input to solve problems such as missing or incomplete address data.

It is reported that the international tag reader solution will help the digital transformation of imported mail processing. In this way, Holland Post is fully prepared for the EU’s latest cargo information forecast system. In addition, from July 1 this year, the value-added tax exemption rate will no longer apply, and all mail from outside the EU must be declared to customs. All processing procedures will be increasingly data-driven and based on existing data in the mail. Electronic processing has become the general trend.

8. eBay: SpeedPAK Mini’s UK road service suspended

On April 14th, the eBay platform recently issued a notice on the suspension of SpeedPAK Mini’s UK route service (hereinafter referred to as the announcement).

According to the announcement, due to changes in customs regulations after Brexit, from April 13, 2021 Beijing time, SpeedPAK Mini will stop receiving parcels sent to the United Kingdom; other Mini services will operate normally. Sellers, please make adjustments to the logistics plan of related live products.



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