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Product Description:

Chlorine dioxide has a broad-spectrum bacteriostatic effect. Children have weak resistance, so they must be producted well, especially in epidemic season. The design is small and sleek, with rich patterns and can be worn by any crowd. WHO and FAO have listed chlorine dioxide as a class A1 safe and effecient disinfectant.Expert Committee on Food Additives JECFA reviewed it its safety level ADI (Human Ingestion Standard) is A1 level (it is safe even if eaten). Humanizeddesign,adjuststerilization, intensity any time and anywhere, meet the requirements of different placesChlorine dioxide slow-release technology, sustainable protection of health for 60 days.Bacter iostatic to reduce the rate of cro infection. Chlorine dioxide has a strong ability to absorb and penetrate the cell wall and release tomic oxygen to oxideize the enzymes containing thiol groups in the cell to play a bactericidal role. No carcinogenic, no teratogenic, no mutagenic. Mask partner, invisible umbrella, as close as family guard, give the child one hundred percent of love.


Product Pictures:



1. Invisible protective cover

Various bacteria are hidden in the air, and each person is an invisible release source of microscopic objects, especially in public places, it is easy to cross infection. Virus Block Out sterilization card, convenient to take, effective air sterilization, forming an invisible protective cover, let you not panic anytime, anywhere.

2. Sterilize in the air for 30 days without interruption

Working principle: After tearing the package, the sodium chlorite in the medicine package slowly combines with the water in air, carbon monoxide, producing a small amount of chlorine oxide (ClO2), which can adsorb and pass through the shell eggs of pathogens, damage the nucleic acid (RNA or DNA) genome, effectively prevent the reproduction and reproduction of pathogens, and achieve the purpose of killing pathogens.

3. Effective sterilization

Effectively kills: H1N1 influenza virus, Enterobacter spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Red moss Bacteria, MRSA virus. Without sterilization, it can also taste and remove mites. Effectively remove harmful or peculiar odors such as formaldehyde, ammonia, ammonia sulfide, benzene, etc., and can effectively kill mites.


Step 1: Tear off the aluminum film outer sealing bag, take out the product with the air holes facing outward, and mark the unpacking time on the back.

Step 2: Install the attached lanyard on the top of the space sterilization bag and hang it on your chest. You can also use it on the classroom / desktop, or use your own clips on clothes and backpacks.

Step 3: After unpacking for 30 days, you need to replace one Piece.



1.During use, the air holes should be exposed to the outside, and should not be covered for a long time:

2.Do not expose to rain or sweat,Use in high temperature or direct sunlight. Because of its bleaching effect,

please do not Use near objects.

3. Do not put this product in your pocket, please remove it when changing clothes or going to bed.

4. This product will corrode metal, so do not use it near metal.

5. Do not directly contact the skin, there may be a slight smell during use, please do not put it near the nose and nose Inhale and discontinue use if you feel unwell; Consult your doctor for use.

6. Do not open the inner packaging to avoid leaking the contents.

7. Please keep this product in a cool and dry place, away from infants and pets.

8. Children should use under the guidance of adults.

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